About International Sports Authentication

About ISA

A couple of years ago, Jason Koonce felt that something was missing in the world of sports cards grading. There weren’t very many options in the industry. “There are really only two or three grading companies that are respected by fellow dealers and collectors,” said Jason. These choices seemed more like strict authorities than customer-centered organizations devoted to strengthening the hobby and promoting fun, which is at the heart of collecting cards. Jason was always pleased when his grading experience featured quick turnaround, consistent grading, and a quality product—all at a fair price. Jason built his business on these cornerstones. 

CEO and Senior Grader Jason Koonce has over fifteen years experience working full-time in the sports cards industry. He has been grading cards on a daily basis for twelve years now. Jason is one of the hobby’s foremost experts in the field of card grading because he loves sports and collectibles and has devoted his life to the industry. “Every day is exciting because you never know what historic collectible may come into the office,” says Jason. 

Jason says he looks forward to continuing to work in this business for the rest of his life and developing ISA into one of the hobby’s most respected authentication companies. “We have a knowledgeable staff on hand,” he says. ISA is proud of its user-friendly website and has devoted much focus to its set registry. 

The set registry is fundamental to the hobby and its collectors, so ISA will be the first company to offer great prizes for top sets and to facilitate the buying and selling of ISA-graded cards between users of the website. Jason emphasizes that ISA welcomes customer input and questions.