Have a question about ISA's services?

Have a question about something not listed?

Email Questions@isagrading.com with any additional inquiries.

How do I obtain submission forms?
Create a new web membership at isagrading.com for free. You may then print electronic submission forms to send in with your order. Email Shipping@isagrading.com if you would like complimentary printed submission forms mailed to your work or residence.

How much does ISA's grading service cost?
Total fees are based on factors such as the number of cards submitted and turnaround time desired. Please refer to our submission form, where charges are detailed, for complete information. Also, keep an eye on the ISA News segment of our homepage. We may offer promotional discounts or monthly specials on card submissions from time to time.

Does ISA grade all types of cards?
ISA grades many licensed and catalogued cards found in the Standard Catalogue and other publications. Please email Questions@isagrading.com if you want a definitive answer about an unusual set.

How do I determine the Declared Value of my cards?
There are many tools available to collectors for determining the value of submitted cards including online and printed publications, auctioneering services, and dealer appraisal. Use the valuation guidelines that you are most comfortable with.

How do I package my items for shipment?
ISA strongly recommends that you ship your cards in semi-rigid holders. We are not responsible for damages caused by shipping cards in hard acryllic holders. Cards sent in screw-down or snap-case holders will be returned without being graded.

How do I know when my order has been received?
If you have created a free web membership, then you will receive an automated notification when your order has been received. Web members can check the status of their submissions at any time on the website.

How can I be sure that my cards are safe?
Proper handling of sports cards is our primary concern. Our caring staff is trained and experienced and our facility is secure. 

What is the ISA Population Report?
The Population Report shows the exact grades of all cards ever graded by ISA. We are proud of our product and encourage you to browse this listing.

What is the ISA Certificate Verification?
The Certificate Verification service corroborates that there is public record of a card's grade assignment by ISA. This service is free and easy to use from our homepage.